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IPICS Academic Summer School

IPICS Academic Summer School
2 - 13 July 2016, Lesvos, GREECE

The IPICS academic summer school is a two weeks course for undergraduate students in their final year, MSc Students, PhD students and IT professionals interested in a comprehensive overview and broad coverage of recent developments in “Information and Communication Security”. In 2018 the IPICS will be hosted by the Department of Information and Communication Sytems Engineering, University of the Aegean in conjunction with the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean at Lesvos island.


Upon successful completion of the course (two weeks lectures) participants well receive a certification of attendance honoring 2 ECTS points. At the end of IPICS students will be assigned a topic for conducting an essay in collaboration with one of the Professors participated in IPICS. Topics will be assigned at the end of IPICS. The organising committe will arrange the selection and topic assignment between the professors and the students. Upon successful completion of the essay students will receive a second certification hounouring 2 extra ECTS points.

Certificates of attendance (2 ECTS allocation) will only be awarded if the course is finished completely, meaning fully attended (mandatory)

Certification of essay completion (2 ECTS allocation) will be awarded only to those students that will choose to conduct an essay back home (not mandatory).

Non-students will receive a certification of attendance for the sessions followed. For customised letters of attendance please contact the organising committe at ipics2018@aegean.gr stating your request.

Applications: Deadline 22/06/2018
Summer School: From 02/07/2018 to 13/07/2018


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