How to Reach the Department


Dipartimento di Informatica - Sede di Crema
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano
via Bramante, 65
I-26013 Crema (CR)

Telephone Numbers

  • Main: +39-02 503.30023
  • Main Fax: +39-02 503.30010
The Crema Campus of Department of Computer Science is located in Crema, in via Bramante, 65. Position on googlemaps GPS: 45.3734N, 9.6854E (45° 22.404′ N, 9° 41.124′ E)

In the following, is reported how to reach the Crema Campus by:

By car from Milan

Road 415 (Paullese), Crema Ovest exit.

How to reach Crema from the airport

There are three airports in Milan: Linate, Malpensa e Orio al Serio. Linate is in the city and is closer to Crema (37 km west). Malpensa is 50 km north of Milan and is therefore farther. Orio al Serio is 40 km north of Crema and 45 km east of Milan. Most companies fly to Malpensa, while Linate and Orio al Serio is used mainly for charter flights and low-cost companies.

To reach Crema from either Malpensa or Linate by public transportation you need to get to Milan first. To reach Crema from Orio al Serio by public transportation you need to get to Bergamo first.
  • From Linate you can get to Centrale Station either by city bus or via terminal buses that operate frequently.
  • Malpensa is well connected to the city with a train (going from Malpensa to Cadorna train station) and with buses going from Malpensa to Milan Central Station. The price is 9,00 Euro for an ordinary one way ticket and 12,00 Euro for an ordinary round trip ticket. There are buses of two different companies doing service Malpensa-Centrale Station. One company has buses leaving from Malpensa Terminal 1 every 10 minutes, the other every 20 mins. (NOTE: Malpensa has two terminals which are connected by a shuttle). The price changes slighlty (4,50 Euro for one company and 5,50 Euro for the other). The journey is 50 minutes. Once in Milan Centrale Station you can either
    1. take a train and go to Lodi. Lodi is 15 km from Crema and you can easily take a taxi at Lodi train station to get here. Lodi is well served with trains and the train journey is quick (around half an hour).
    2. take a train to get to Crema. If you get to Crema by train you will need to change train (as indicated in the schedule -- see links below).
    3. take the subway and go to San Donato subway station and take a taxi. If you arrive late evening you would avoid this option.
  • From Orio al Serio you can get to Bergamo by city bus. From Bergamo you can get to Crema either by train or by bus.
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